Karthi enacted his role as Police Officer with aplomb, his action scenes,his mannerism and attitude are a treat to watch …Khaki… Review by Narendraa Babu

This week’s Telugu release taken from the real events that took place in 1995 depicting the Polices bravery in battling the dreaded dacoits from Rajasthan who came to Tamilnadu for a robbery motive,  but mercillesly killed the inmates of the looted houses. 
How the team under Police Officer Dheeraj (Karthi) bravely combat these dreaded dacoits  and saves his states citizens from further being tortured is the synopsis of the film.
Excellent direction by young H.Vinodh that keeps you engrossed till the end of the film,with  not a single boring moment.
Even with few songs Music Director Gibrans background score is to be applauded.
Photography is amazing capturing the magical locales of Rajasthan brilliantly.
Karthi enacted his role as Police Officer with aplomb,  his action scenes,  his mannerism and attitude are a treat to watch
RakulPreet Singh as Karthis wife played her glamorous role looking bubbly and assisting him perfectly.
The highlight of the film is Abhimanyu Singh who plays a dreaded  dacoit  head,  looking scary and viscious.
The Wrong Notion about our Policemen will change once you watch Khaki , depicting their brave efforts in seeing us peacefully sleep.
It is high time even our Telugu Industry concentrate in producing such kind of subjects and start avoid learning the concept from such successful dubbed films.I go with 3.5 /5 for the wonderful direction by young lad H.Vinodh with  Karthis and Abhimanyu Singh’s brilliant performances being another highlight.
ప్రముఖరచయిత విజయార్కె రచనల కోసం ఇక్కడ క్లిక్ చేయండి.