Okka Kshanam Movie Review by Narendra Babu

#OkayKshanam this week release of Allu Sirish and Surabhi with a different concept of Parallel Life and a genre that  pleases the audience for its Battle between Love and Destiny.
STORY : Jeevan (AlluSirish) accidently meets Jothi(Surabhi) at InOrbit Mall and falls in Love with her at first sight. Even Jothi reciprocates her Love on seeing Sirish.
On the other side two married couple Srinivas (Avsarala Srinivas) and Swathi (Seerat Kapoor ) are the gossip of the building they reside, they look to normal eye as disturbed couple which they are not, and the events of past and Present that occur in their lives are Contradict and Parallel to the lives of Jeeva and Jothi.
When Jeeva knows about the incidents happening Parallel to his life through Srinivas whom he confronts in order to know about his disturbed life reveals all this to Jothi.
Swathi is murdered and her husband Srinivas arrested for the Crime.
Jothi goes into dilemma feeling same may befall on her.
But Jeeva battles the destiny and induces Confidence in her to defeat the Parallel Life Concept not after many twists and turns Suspense is revealed. The Climax definitely draws audience clipped to the edge of their seats.
PLUS POINTS: Allu Sirish and Surabhi fitted the apt roles, Avsarala Srinivas was extreme in his role and Seerat Kapoor as Swathi was a Surprising element .
#Manisharma background Score was good, but Songs were Disappointing.
#ViAnand Story and Direction was pleasing. Chota K Naidu as Cinematographer did his Job.
MINUS POINTS: First Half which was slow and boring, Few humoric scenes would have induced interest in film . Songs looked like passing clouds .
VERDICT: it’s a Passable film and can be Viewed Once for its different genre .
I go for 3* out of 5.

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