MLA (Manchi Lakshanalu Abbayi) Review by Narendra Babu

This week’s Telugu Release MLA is not a Political Punch, but a mix of entertainment that gives a refreshing Cool Brunch.
The Film had nothing new but manages to keep you glued to seats with its comic timing and few gripping messages in the end.
STORY: Kalyan (Kalyanram) falls to love at first sight after seeing Indu (KajalAgarwal), but invites a challenge from her father Nagappa (JayaprakashReddy) who places a condition to win a High Esteem position in Society to win her hand , knowing he would fail in front of Gadappa ( RaviKishen) MLA and local goon whom he had promised his daughter.
Will Kalyan Outclass Gadappa and win back his love and will he succeed in putting an end to local goon atrocities?
For the Climax you have to visit your nearby Theaters.
STRENGTHS: Comic timing from Posani MuraliKrishna, Brahmanandam , pruthvi leave you burst out with laughter and one of highlight of the movie.
Kalyan Ram did full justice to the role, Kajal Agarwal is wasted.
Background Musical Score by Manisharma is fabulous, so is Cinematography who brilliantly captured song sequences shot in Azerbaijan.
Upendra Madhav debut is to be applauded he proved he is no newcomer.
The message to educate children and stop Child Labour.
A Child who learns the art of education spells his father on Slate that can reap their family fate is shown well.
Music is Average.
MINUS: Never understood Logic in elevating North actors, Kajal Agarwal has nothing much to offer, Keerthy Suresh could have been roped in for Glamour .
RaviKishen as villain was average, why are our own villains in Subburaju and Supreeth Reddy ignored.
Songs interfered amidst flow of film irritating audience and we’re boring.
Story is a new wine in an Old Bottle.
With Political Drama in twin States of AP and Telangana leaving you frustrated and warm, why not relish an entertainment Juice Of MLA that keeps you refreshed.
I go with 3/5 only for high tide comedy from renowned comedians.