Saikumar-A Flamboyant Actor …By. Narendra babu

#Saikumar a Flawless Amazing actor and a dubbing artiste whose roaring voice with clarity took film industry by storm and a blessing in disguise for Telugu Industry.
We often recollect Renowned Actors #Suman and #Rajshekhar to be a talented brunch, but how many know it’s the Soul of talented Saikumar inducted in their tone to render each dialogue with such a clear diction and intensity that made their professions flow on the bed of success.
All this attributed to the dedication and passion of Saikumar towards Acting and dubbing.
Saikumar intense roles as Police officer in successful ventures like Police Story, Agni IPS, Lockup Death gave a punch to bad mongers and a relief to filmy audience who offered prayers to have a Fiery Police Officer as Such amidst them to fight against Injustice and Atrocities by bad elements and Corrupted Leaders.
Who can forget his award winning Fiery performance in Telugu Film #Prasthanam and his race to Oscar’s with his Kannada film #Rangitaranga.
With more than 300 films in various Languages, his passion and love towards his Profession is laudable.
Saikumar won many awards for his spontaneous roles in Kannada and Telugu
and still reigning popular in Industry.
Saikumar can fit in to any role and can deliver it with ease be it Hero, Villain, Supporting Actor or a Comedian.
But with Production Launch of Heredity Clan , there is creation of Lobby that’s distancing the talent.
But Talent is immortal and God’s Gift that cant be distanced for long or with evil designs of a Lobby.
We wish Saikumar earn many more laurels and distinctions towards his trade and leave a mark on film Industry to cherish his services forever.